Cycle I Startups:

Brate is an app that helps you find and discover what things and places are trending near you with the use of big data analytics.

Cardiodiagnostics is a medical technology company specialized in data analytics and bringing cutting-edge mobile cardiac telemetry technology globally.

A gaming studio of mobile and VR content with a large portfolio of adventure and arcade-style gaming titles on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

ihjoz is a digital ticketing and event management platform, distribution network and marketplace.

A legal practice management solution that will enhance the legal team's productivity tailored by lawyers for lawyers to serve Law firms, in-house legal departments and solo lawyers.

MakerBrane is a digital and physical platform that lets anyone design, build, and trade their own playworlds.

Interactive Life is a platform that derives data insights from everyday operations.

Moodfit is the first online interior design platform in the MENA region that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from carefully selected professional interior designers.

The NavLeb tracking system is a real time fleet management system that uses GPS to determine the location of a vehicle, person or other assets.

A Customer Relationship Management system for the banking sector that analyzes customer behavior on electronic channels, social media and conventional channels such as branches or call-centers to anticipate customer preferences and determine the next recommended action.

Parentville is a one stop shop for kids' parties that connect parents to recommended party suppliers in the London area.

Pin-Pay is an innovative mobile payment service offered at banks which aims to bring subscribers the most secure, reliable and intelligent payment experience.

A platform where anyone can ask for an introduction, recommendation or refferal targeting anyone via the untapped potential of mutually trusted relationships.

A platform that provides an eCommerce technology as a commodity to let merchants focus on other important aspects of a successful eCommerce website and build it fast.

Anghami is the leading music platform in the Middle East which provides a seamless experience to listen to unlimited music on-the-go on your mobile.

Aimee is a platform that empowers young people better prepare for their future by building alternative online bios showing who you really are to the world, in a way that lists of grades and standard resumes never could.

Roadie tuners are fully automated string instrument tuners that are quick, easy to use and three times more accurate than the human ear. They combine advanced audio algorithms with machine precision to deliver perfect tuning every time.

BIM POS is a provider of a full spectrum of point-of-sale, Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and IT solutions for hospitality and retail management.

A communication agency that offers creative, innovative,digital and interactive communication solutions and experiences, to meet the needs of local & global institutional & corporate clients.

Bluering is a fintech company that delivers commercial and retail credit management solutions to the wider Middle Eastern banking and financial sector.

SilexPro, is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration that focus on providing solutions that offer a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.

Slidr is a unique retail algorithm and crowd-subsidization model to guarantee customers a great price and experience on every slide.The algorithm uses data mining, and analyses patterns in customer purchase behavior, along with more than 15 other factors, to identify the best discount per slide, for each unique customer.

Slighter is a state-of-the-art learning lighter that helps smokers reduce their daily intake of cigarettes through a customized reduction plan, powered by an innovative and revolutionary algorithm.

Provide consultancy & customized SAP products tailored to meet clients’ needs to improve performance and maximize their return on investment.

A platform that allows you to travel the world through all-inclusive vacation packages.

A cloud solution for mobile operators to enable them to transform their business from traditional voice centric business model to a digital centric business model. Through its self service UI, the system enables non-IT staff to design and implement the engagement journey in few clicks.

An app to track air conditions and in turn predict and prevent asthma and allergy symptoms.An app to track air conditions and in turn predict and prevent asthma and allergy symptoms.

A hybrid agency working in branding, digital and visual communication.

Cycle II Startups:

ArtScoops is a marketplace for collectors, presenting contemporary MENA art and objects from artists and galleries; auctions and private sales.

Carpolo is a smart carpooling platform with a gamified points reward system and analytics tools to promote carpooling for communities.

ElementN provides an ecosystem for the acceleration of mobile, web applications and Software as a Service.

A mobile application aiming to create and scale-up solutions that modernize the workplace and draw added value from your digital environment.

INTEGRATED DIGITAL SYSTEMS (IDS) is a software specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, Archiving Solutions, Document Management, Wealth Management, Online Trading, e-commerce, and e-government solutions across many industries such as financial markets, banking, manufacturing, publishing, communication and media, healthcare, telecom, and retail.

Jellyfish helps you manage multiple activities, events, or project budgets in parallel, with multiple teams. It then allows you to group budgets and extract reports per activity, project, program, time-frame, location or any other grouping needed up to the general P&L of the entire company or organization.

Kamkalima is a web-based platform that brings 21st century skills into the Arabic classroom.

Designs & builds modular, automated, climate-controlled vertical hydroponic farming systems (hardware; software; services)

Smarke a device to instantly & remotely share property access, secure & schedule access to your rental property with your guests – No key required.

Self-help online therapy program facilitated by experienced doctors & therapists to motivate you again after a breakup, job loss, parenting struggle, loss of a loved one, burnout, eating disorders, or depression.

Tragging is an RFID solution provider offering hardware and software solutions based on RFID & NFC technologies to companies

Riego is a solar powered, agricultural irrigation dynamic-control device. It enables users such as farmers to optimize irrigation water consumption through monitoring the weather and soil parameters, tree growth, water and fertilizers concentration.

A leading solutions provider for the wholesale and retail telecom market, providing turnkey solutions that cover billing and routing management, fraud detection, revenue assurance, and international gateway management.

Cycle IV Startups:

Delivering exact, pre-portioned and fresh ingredients with a how-to recipe for a faster and easier cooking experience

A platform that introduces real estate agents and developers to 3D artists and photographers to create virtual tours for real estate websites.

A platform that provides clients with original written content from professional and crowd-sourced creatives from around the world.

Harnesses the power of community to solve the blood donation crisis in Lebanon.



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